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You recently launched a line. Did you imagine that when you came up with the name Super Slutty Snake? And tell us the story behind the name, sounds juicy! Any clothing I have released up until now has been merchandise, however in the very near future I will be launching my bonafide clothing line.

So, the story behind the name is maybe not as juicy as you would think. NO, already taken. Defining geniuss for this decade! You have been dubbed the High Society Memeologist. Was that a lifetime goal or dream? Were you a weird fringe internet kid growing up and was it always clout based? As a young slutty young, I would dream of being an actor or pop-star like Michael Jackson then that transitioned into me having the pipe dream that I could be a rapper like Dre or Eminem; alas here I am making silly memes.

I always wanted to be somebody and I guess in some messed up way I have gained some sort of notoriety. Famous without a face is a new life goal. I can tell you a lot about the fashion world, but what are somethings you can tell me about the Meme world? Any early inspirations? First foray into internet culture? I think I was a born comedian. My mom always told me that since I was super young I was imitating the whole family being slutty young annoying little asshole, so I guess meme life was destiny to some degree.

What meme would you like to be most remembered by? Do you consider yourself to be an artist? I would say that my memeology is an art-form to some degree, especially when I spend 3 hours photoshopping tiny floral bouquets onto chickens. The meme I am most proud of is probably the Burning Man social hierarchy; that one is talked about a lot. If I looked at your calendar, is all of your content scheduled, or do you like to drop them like their hot?

In all seriousness, I have never ever scheduled a post. Sometimes inspiration strikes me at the weirdest moments and I slutty young for my iPhone and meme. You must have a sixth sense for this digital age. What causes something to go viral? I want my to be educational to some degree and if I went mass-market each time then I would just be another Fuck Jerry clone.

I like my evil little niche laughs than being told to when to laugh at something for commercial appeal for sure. Were you supposed to go viral with a celebrity fanbase? Absolutely not. I still remember at the very beginning when I would post to a disloyal fanbase of 10 followers and get 2 likes if I was lucky. Then one day Cara Delevingne liked a post and followed and I believe the rest was history from there.

Wow, tough one. I truly believe that memeing is becoming too insincere and incestuous. Mememing at the top level means carving your own niche, playing to your strengths, and consistently producing hilarious original content. The next trend I guess would be more video-based memes, maybe animation. Keep your eyes peeled on myI have a lot of exciting things coming up.

I used to live in Paris, so…. Looking miserable at the front row of the LV fashion show. Hotel Costes courtyard, featuring the bitchiest hostesses of all time. A new project with the artist KAWS celebrates a long-held mutual admiration and friendship. Manuel wants to help his mother to spend good moments during her two years of house arrest. His… ». Balenciaga has issued preview models across three colorways that will be available exclusively at Kith for a limited time. Bodies in movement accompany garments with psychedelic and acid prints, taking the viewer on a trippy journey.

How to escape the heat and boredom of the city? A Parisian summer trip trough the eyes of Slutty young Wendell. In this issue, we explore how we are connected to nature and the intersectionality of social and sustainable issues. Stylists were encouraged to not only explore conscious deers but to pull from the archives, vintage, and to forget about seasons with editorials.

What trends are memes heading into now? Who do you follow? What would be a go-to French meme? Fucking Young! Conan Gray wearing Lacoste and shot by Tommy Dorfman.

Slutty young

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