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I had, until recently, led what you might consider a pretty vanilla sex life. So, when my seemingly straight and by this I mean conventional friend Millie told me that she had ed the app Whiplr — the new Tinder, aimed at the ever-growing kink and fetish s&m dating — I was pretty curious. Could Millie be on to something with Whiplr, I wonder. Both parties are clear and honest about what they want from the other, be it a proper date or no-strings sex. My own dating life has been a pretty sad and sordid affair. Since becoming single six years ago, I have been on a succession of disastrous dates and one-night stands with men found through mainstream appssuch as Tinder and Bumble.

Each encounter has left me empty, regretful and certainly not empowered. Deciding to reach out to all the other Bridget Joneses out there, I started to turn my toe-curling stories into a blog, loveisa4letterturd. The responses I received from women of all ages with similar experiences to me was both relieving and heart-warming. Feeling quietly inspired by my conversation with Millie, I went home that night and downloaded Whiplr myself.

Initial meeting mandatory. He introduces himself as Peter, buys me a drink and we sit down to chat. My girlfriend already has a male one. We move on to talk about sex and any hard limits that we both have. Peter is insistent on no blood, no pure violence and no scat sex involving faeces. Unlike most of the guys I know, Peter has never had sex without a condom. He also sterilises all his equipment after each use and orders in a special lube, which is kindest to female skin.

It strikes me just how well planned and well thought out it is compared to the average hook-up. Our meeting ends after just one drink, in a friendly and business-like fashion. I have mixed feelings on the Tube ride home. For me, being hit and urinated on is both upsetting and demeaning, and I struggle to understand how women can find this a turn-on. However, I have to admit that a part of me feels excited.

There was something so poised and direct in his manner, and he was so absolutely clear about what was expected from me. I felt like a schoolgirl having a meeting with her headmaster. And that I find incredibly sexy. Girls s&m dating latex dresses chat to men with waist-length hair. Everyone seems happy, relaxed and welcoming. I get chatting to a woman who teaches rope bondage. Via Whiplr, which is a treasure trove of social gatherings and meet-up groups, I hear about a Fetish Hypnosis Demonstration happening the next night.

So, I decide to go along and make a weekend of my new-found obsession. We start with the basics — a talk on the importance of safety and pre-negotiation. The same as any other BDSM style activity. Then, the inevitable happens. She then loudly orgasms in front of us, while I sit open mouthed in shock. I leave the demonstration unsure of how much to believe. Did I witness true hypnotism? Or two people putting on a very good performance? The BDSM Whiplr scene feels more like a community than I could ever have imagined — a place where people are able to escape the stresses of the real world and fulfil their fantasies in a non-judgmental and safe environment.

No one has treated me as an outsider; no one has questioned why I s&m dating there. Me being myself is enough. Like any other speed-dating event, the men work their way around the room, having an allocated three minutes with each woman. One of my dates, Josh, attracts me immediately. Is Josh looking for a relationship? I ring Millie. And it comes from being secure within s&m dating. We hang up and I mull over the past few days. Marie Claire is supported by its audience.

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S&m dating

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