Snapchat couples story

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He was about to meet a pretty young woman for the first time — and a bunch of Snapchat strangers were there to witness it. Within 24 hours, their romance unfolded on UW's campus Snap Story, capturing the attention of the student body. In subsequent days, the story of how they met went Internet viral. The YouTube video montage had more than 1.

Last Thursday morning, Bjork, 22, learned he had an admirer. Abby Diamond, also 22 and a UW student, had posted a simple plea to the local campus story on Snapchat around 11 a. Find me. When Bjork's friend told him to check the Story, he was intrigued and attracted: "To the girl from Memorial Library. It looks like they took down my first Snap. That's ok, if it's fate maybe they'll post this one.

Meet me here. Why not? There's no harm," Bjork tells Mashable he thought at the time. He was flattered. But Diamond, never imagining her mystery guy would see her Snap or even respond, missed his invitation. When she did see his response, she felt relieved. Eventually, they settled on The KK as a place to meet. Each of their attempts to connect was posted on UW's Snapchat Story. Other students caught on and the momentum built; people posted their support for the "fated" couple and dropped helpful hints in the process. Someone even created custom Snapchat geofilters in support of the couple.

Everyone hoped for a romantic rom-com ending to a simple social snapchat couples story post. A crowd of people hovered at the bar, essentially pushing the two together for a hug — while capturing it all on Snapchat. Their romance wouldn't have happened without the support of their campus, which Bjork calls "close-knit" and "super friendly. They were rooting for us to get together. Diamond and Bjork have been "hanging out" since Thursday, mainly studying and taking a few media interviews. Their friends, on the other hand, are psyched. Besides people recognizing them on the street and asking for autographs, dozens of friends are texting, sharing articles and questions to their Facebook profiles, letting them know Snapchat posted their Story all the way in New York.

Bjork will graduate in December with a biomedical engineering degree. Both plan to stay in town this summer. Both are considering med school. Social Good. Abby Diamond Credit: Snapchat. Reed Bjork Credit:.

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Snapchat couples story

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This Snapchat love story is making the internet melt