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Apium Academy is a place where software enthusiasts can learn and share knowledge. Apium Academy is a perfect place to reunite with like-minded people and learn from each other! At Apium Academy we feel like part of the Barcelona Software Community and we try to help it grow by doing everything we organizing and hosting events by different software communities.

What is Barcelona Free Software? This community is for Free software enthusiasts in Barcelona. This time their event was hosted in Apium Academy and we had a chance to listen to Olivier Tilloy, who works on the Ubuntu Desktop Team at Canonical, where he maintains deb and snap packages for browsers firefox, chromiumfor thunderbird and related components, and for other desktop components.

He was talking snap packages: what they are, why you should be considering them to distribute your desktop server IoT applications, and where they come from, with a fair bit of historical background including floppy disks, dial-in modems, and a retrospective of package management in Linux distributions. Events like this makes us good, makes us happy that we take part in such interesting events and meet new community members.

If you are planning to organize a software development or software architecture event in Barcelona and searching for a venue, let us know! We would be happy to show you our Auditorium in the center of Barcelona.

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