Spanking on line

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Spanking on line

Book Reading - MP4. The below file contains the full book reading done by Rosaleen on one of her first photo shoots she ran before the launch of this site. Many members who had seen clips from this asked about this. Although the below movie does not contain any spanking at all, it does give a good inisght into Rosaleen and her feelings regarding spanking etc. Lifestyler - MP4. Rosaleen is a lifestyle spankee, and really enjoys being spanked and living out those spanking fantasies! The Dancer - MP4. Rosaleen in her dance leotard puts her hands against the wall and one leg out as she gets some hand smacks before she bends over and puts hands on the ground for a little spanking with the strap!

Wet Knickers - MP4. Rosaleen sits down on the wet chair and gets her knickers all wet, but it looks like she has wet her pants and gets in trouble for it! She is put over the knee after taking off her dress for a good hard hand spanking on her wet knickers!

She then bends over kneeling as the spanking goes on, then the knickers go down for a paddle spanking on her bare bottom! The School Report - MP4. As the title suggests poor Rosaleen has had her school report in. If we say it was "worse than she expected" that would be an understatement. Elizabeth is nothing short of furious and no amount of pleading from Rosaleen will avert what is about to befall Rosaleen and her backside. Download gentlemen and lament Rosaleen's failure :. Just a Caning - MP4. Rosaleen must read the caning rules before she assumes the position for her caning!

She bends over with hands on the wall and starts the count of caning and thanking for every stoke of the spanking on line Roaleen then puts her hands on her knees to finish the caning on her sore red spanking on line bottom! Exchange students working abroad should no better than to try pilfering from the purse of the Mistress! What shame befell this poor wretch as she was caught red handed!

Spanking on line

A soundly spanked bare bottom until cheery red and then a heave dose of the paddle! She will learn the hard way. Buttercup - MP4. Rosaleen is outside and doesn't want to go into classroom, but gets caught skipping class and taking off work Victoria is not happy about it! Rosaleen is bent over and gets the strap and with every smack has to say she will pay back her money!

Not Staying - MP4. Rosaleen finds a place to stay but she is not happy with it, thinking it's not good enough for her She bends Rosaleen over and gives her a good paddling for her attitude! Rosaleen Interview - MP4. Rosaleen sits down and talks about her experience as spanking model and how she has the chance to explore her fantasies and bring her own ideas to spanking! Cold Water - MP4.

It was fun to pour cold water over Belles face while she spanking on line sleeping. Or so Rosaleen thought. She did not imagine that it would end up with Belle being furious with poor Rosaleen and throwing her over the bed to give her bare bottom the sound spanking it deserved! Failed to Follow the Rules - MP4. Rosaleen has again failed to follow the rules and will be punished! As her bottom gets red and sore with every spank before she is bent over the desk as she gets the cane!

Corporal Discipline - MP4. Rosaleen is doing her exercises but not doing a good job so Corporal is called in to crop her bottom as she crawls around. She then gets strapped hard as she's held over the back! Medics - MP4. Rosaleen finds that no matter what excuse she gives to "Matron" it simply will not wash! Slovenly standards can not and will not be tolerated. Shows good OTK action plus correct use of the hairbrush. China Girl - MP4. Rosaleen is hired to do the housework and she rips her dress so is bent over and spanking on line the carpet beater!

She then is put over the knee for a hand spanking on her bare bottom to really teach her a lesson! No Escape Rosaleen - MP4. Rosaleen is caught trespassing, the gate was open but that doesn't mean she's allowed!

Spanking on line

She is put over the knee for a hand spanking for a warning never to come back! Last Spanking Rosaleen - MP4. Rosaleen doesn't even know what she's done wrong, but she still get put over the knee for a hand spanking from Mary, who doesn't need a reason to spank Rosaleen! She then bends her over to continue the spanking, before kneeling her over the couch really making her bare bottom red and sore! The Paddle on Rosaleen - MP4. Our friends across the water will recognize the heavy and lethal looking paddle held in the hand of the lady who thrashed Rosaleen!

Spanking on line

Well in this set we see first hand the effects an authentic American paddle can have on the behind of naughty British girl! Cheerleader - MP4. Outside in the cold winter air, Rosaleen has to go through a of Cheerleader dance routines. On hand is Miss Van 'Dyer to encourage Rosaleen along.

The size of the paddle means that it matters not if Rosaleen's bottom is bare or not! Strapped Before Dinner - MP4. She didn't finish the dishes and was about to go out for the night. Peter thinks she needs a good thrashing instead of a night on the town. Peter bends her over to receive a hard strapping on her bare bottom. Cart 0. Same Great Videos. Spanking Online.

Spanking on line

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Spanking children: Why does it happen, and what are the effects?