Ssbbw sex positions

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Forgot your password? I want to try some new stuff out as a suprise for someone special. Put on some soothing music, light some candles and make some drinks for you both. Tell him that you want to give him a massage to get rid of the knotted muscles and help him to relax for the evening.

Get him to lie down on the bed or couch on his back. Ask him to close his eyes and start giving him a massage. When he's really relaxed and his guard is down sneak up on him and sit on his face. LOL, fucking hell, he would think i was covering him up with a pillow and trying to get his life insurance LOL.

Yeah, but what a way to go. I dont know if this qualifies for cool or different but I absolutely love two positions. One on my back yes, but my legs have been pull up and resting on his shoulders Ssbbw sex positions second is just a play off the first, only I am now on my side either one doesnt matter and one leg is pulled up and over his opposite shoulder. Same effect as above. In effect he is behind you. I know that when I was with my bf ex one nite I had to tell him to stop, I couldnt breathe from all the orgasms I was experiencing. They were back to back. Told him to move to my other hole so that maybe I could catch my breath.

Didnt help though Good luck, and let us know if you find some that works great, we might like to try those as well. My friend gets me like that and I don't know its so erotic being close and feeling his breath on my back and neck and feeling the touch ssbbw sex positions his skin and i love the way he grabs my boobs and hugs me closer to him and when i hear him moan in my ear that is what makes me cum :-P.

I am very sensitive on my back and booty and love having it stroked so one of my favourite positions is a variation of spoons You lay side on with your fella snuggled into your back - he starts to stroke and kiss, taste etc all over your ears - neck - back - booty Another position I enjoy is on a desk or dining chair - especially when I ssbbw sex positions wearing sussies LOL - he sits on the chair and we can do all the foreplay thing - as well as some oral - then I straddle and sit on top - sometimes to face him - sometimes reverse cowgirl - but this one gives you the opportunity to explore each other as well as do the eyes thing during orgasm - dammm I LOVE to watch eyes LOL xxxxx.

OMG, DeeDee, there you go distracting me again!! How am I supposed to sleep after reading that, girl? I give up - how did you sleep? Umm for those that are not in the UK Sorry Tori hunni - I forget its not always same slang worldwide. Its stockings and suspenders :D. Nothing different about this one, but I always find doggy to be the best and easiest position.

Sometimes being on my back, the weight and pressure of my boobs in my neck makes it difficult to breathe, so I dont have that issue in doggy. And it just feels damn good. Or, riding your man in the squatting position instead of on your knees. Maybe rock back and forth instead of bouncing, you'll get clitoral stimulation and you'll get the feeling of his cock going in and out.

I have written them all down lol Am gunna have fun trying them out You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Existing user? in with Twitter. Search In. Sponsor of Fat-Forums. Recommended Posts. Guest Weezaxx. Posted October 9, I want to try some new stuff out as a suprise for someone special Be as graphic and dirty as ya like too lol. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Was that the kind of surprise you were thinking of? Yep, and with 2 life insurance policies, could plead sexual ignorance lol. Cherry Moonz DivineDeeDee Posted October 10, BBWToriRegister a new. in Already have an ? In Now. In Up.

Ssbbw sex positions

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