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Trigger Warning: Starless… no more is needed…okay fine, rape, incest, bestiality, scat, genital mutilation, murder, starvation, confinement, kidnapping, sexual slavery, and all around unpleasant sexual imagery. Extreme caution is advised if one wants to play this game anyway! This is not the usual levels of messed up that hentai is known for.

If you still think something like Rapelay is a legitimately disturbing game, stay far away from this game. If one is not the right type of audience for this game, it can cause deeply scarring psychological problems that will stick with you for a long time. It has been a year since I played this game and I still cannot get the images from it out of my head. Also what I would like to disclose is that this is not the first time I reviewed this game.

I have written a review of it a year ago shortly after I finished the game. The game had caused some very adverse effects on my mental state, which has resulted in a hastily written review that did not explain everything about the game that was needed to make my point, and I worded some things rather questionably. This time, I will try to view the game from a more observational standpoint at how well starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings achieves what it sets out to do. There are a fair amount of eroge out there that do have very good stories or that are fun to play or read on their own.

Starlesson the other hand, cannot be entertaining in any other way unless taken starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings as a pornographic work. There were rarely any points while playing Starless where I felt it was trying to arouse or be sexy. It instead, felt more like it was trying to come up with the most disgusting and vulgar sex acts imaginable in an attempt to shock me, similarly to films such as The Human CentipedeSaloor A Serbian Film. Starless is NOT trying to just serve as a bunch of sexy hi jinks that one can get themselves off to; it is a pretentious and tedious nightmare that has nothing going for it other than being full of material that would would otherwise require people to search the deep web under multiple proxies.

Starless is not just your typical hentai perversion. However, just saying that this is game seriously fucked up is not enough. If you are expecting something remotely arousing then you will not find it here. The first thing of note is the character des.

Their des are far from the worst I have seen in the game and there is a fair bit of detail in most images. Additional issues with the character de is that every female character has oversized breasts that do not make the girls any sexier, and instead just make all them look interchangeable from the neck down, with the exception of Marika.

Additionally, penises are also drawn too wide and look rather awkward, although there have admittedly been much worse in that category. For the most part, Starless is fairly well drawn, but it becomes hard to appreciate the art direction when half of the sex scenes in this game re use assets from earlier scenes. For example, you will probably see a certain scene with Mikako breastfeeding Kyouchi at least seven times throughout the game, all using the same images and music. I can give credit to Starless in terms of the sheer amount of content it has.

Unfortunately, the length of these scenes is precisely the problem; they go on a lot longer than they should. The first sex scene in the game took me an hour and a half to get through, and it was not even a good sex scene to begin with. The worst instance of this was at the banquet where there were at least five of them, which would result in a sequence that will last at least four hours, possibly even more.

I will be honest though, there was a point starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings I just started fast forwarding through sex scenes just to get to the point. The game thankfully, includes the ability to switch between fast forwarding through all text or just through text you already read.

The pacing in Starless pretty much kills any chance of it being enjoyable to read even if these scenes were sexy to begin with. The description given for all these sex scenes consists of the most cringe worthy and overused hentai dialogue there is. The sex scenes often seem to play out like they were written by a very horny and disturbed twelve year oldwhich in most of them feeling incredibly exaggerated.

Most notably, every sex scene is very messy and ends up with women splattered with semen as if they were just gang banged. However, just about all of these scenes only have a single male character who is given a plot mandated excuse in that they are on the effects of special drugs, that also conveniently prevent the women from getting pregnant. Those, however, describe the more tame sex scenes.

The game first started to get notably grotesque is when Marie breaks the toilet after using it, and Sawatari has to clean out the toilet with his bare hands. Yes, I feel physically sick just thinking about it. Starless is very heavy on scatology, which means it will definitely appeal to scat fetishists, but it will mean that it is unreadable to everyone else because of it. However, that is still far from the most vile this game gets.

It goes without saying that a majority of the sex scenes are rape scenes, but other starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings that this game crosses include incest, bestiality, and genital mutilation. The incest is specifically of the mother son variety, that culminates with a Mother son sex show that the father gets to see as his last sight before he is murdered. This is what I mean when this game is absolutely starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings.

It is true that there are some depraved individuals that can find those situations sexually arousing, but a vast majority of even some of the most degenerate hentai viewers will find this scarring and horrifying. Other notably disturbing hentai games such as Euphoria and Saya no Uta are games that were very clearly supposed to be psychological thrillers first and eroge second; and they were advertised as such. Starlesshowever, is advertised as your typical vanilla hentai. The game tried to intentionally mislead players into playing that could cause serious psychological harm to them.

However, the key reason why Starless fails as an eroge is not simply due to the extreme nature of its content, but more so because of how the game presents itself. Starless is a very confused mess that cannot decide whether it wants to arouse us, or if it wants to horrify us. The sheer absurdity of its story and writing gives off the obvious impression of it being purely pornographic, but the way that the darker scenes are presented also indicate that this game is supposed to be a psychological thriller.

As a result of this, the game fails to accomplish either of them well because the two simply do not go together, as well as the fact tha t Starless is just poorly written regardless of what its intention was. The main character of Starless is Sawatari, a college student who is trying to find a job so he can afford to buy himself a new car. Of course this game all but bludgeons you over the head with the fact that this is too good to be true, but Sawatari still decides to go through with it even after a creepy old man warns him about it and the fact that the mansion is out in the middle of nowhere with no one else around.

The twist turns out to be that Marie Mamiya, the head of the household, wants workers that will fulfill her sexual needs in addition to doing physical labor. This just shows how lazily written this story is. Well starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings just make him into a bumbling idiot who makes everything worse due to his stupidity as if this game is a bad horror movie.

In a lot of his inner monologues, he just can never stop making sexual remarks about all the women even though he starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings been repeatedly raped by and after he has ejaculated way past the point where most would be rendered impotent. Despite this, he acts as though he is asexual in about half of the scenes because they need him to play straight man to all the insanity that occurs.

Why not have Sawatari be a sexually deprived otaku with a lot of perverted fantasies, who decides to knowingly take the job but gets himself in way over his head? Or why not have him instead be the smarmy pick up artist type and have this all happen to him as some form of ironic punishment, or anything remotely creative? Nope, we gotta go with every harem series protagonist ever made. She is pretty much nothing other than a walking plot device. Her only purpose is to be a deated love interest for Sawatari and to be ruthlessly tortured in an attempt to make you feel sorry for her.

While the scenes that do torture her are grotesque and disgusting, I could never bring myself to actually feel sympathy with her because there was no character to feel sympathy for. She is starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings off as mysterious and wise but she is really just obnoxious.

The remaining two victims are Mikako and her son Makoto. Also the two of them are sexually attracted to each other because of course they are. However, none of them compare to how utterly detestable and unlikable the Mamiyas are. Marie Mamiya, the head of the household and the mother of the rest, is basically a megalomaniacal, sex crazed, psychopath without any sense of human empathy who will always be one step ahead of you no matter what you try to do.

She also has two daughters, Marissa and Marika. Marisa is possibly even more spoiled and devilish than Marie is and she is pretty much the embodiment of every horrible spoiled princess stereotype. Despite the fact that Marie is far more insidious, Marisa manages to be even more unlikable since Marie at least tries to present herself as having some class. Of course, because of how great this game is, she is probably the character that we are forced to be around the most. She, at first, seems nicer than her mother and sister, but the further you go on, the more you realize she is just in it for her own selfish needs.

The game tries to play up the fact that Marika is in love with Sawatari, but there is never any distinction made between that and sexual lust. Oh, and she is also a futanari. Normally, characters like these would make for excellent villains. Unfortunately, Starless does not work that way. The Mamiyas never receive even an ounce of karma for the atrocities they have committed and they are still free in even the best possible ending.

The only possible reasoning I could see for this to be the case is if Sei Shojo was trying to play up the femdom angle, which required the Mamiyas to be protected by invisible plot armor and always have you be trapped and powerless. Unfortunately, the entire plot suffers greatly because of this and the game genuinely feels as tedious and emotionally draining as what Sawatari actually goes through.

While Starless is at least a competently put together game that did have effort put into creating it, it still does not change the fact that I was not only never less entertained by a game, but I probably never had less fun doing anything at all!

I would say that a game would have to cause me physical pain to get any worse than Starlessbut unfortunately, Starless HAS caused me physical pain. Specifically, I have frequently felt nauseous and needed to resist the urge to throw up. Our characters are flat and annoying, the plot is overly repetitive and formulaic, there are more holes in its plot than in a pin cushion, dialogue is often reused, you hear the same 7 music tracks repeated for fifty plus hours, the entire game does nothing other than make you feel as absolutely lifeless, miserable, and trapped as Sawatari and as traumatized as Mitari, and it never even tries to do anything of remote substance.

I am not going to lie, it is a lot harder to judge how competently something is at being sexually arousing than how it is at being entertaining or having any amount of depth. When I find it arousing I can overlook the obvious lack of any serious depth based on the fact that sexual arousal is just another form of entertainment in and of itself. When a game uses a bunch of niche fetishes that most will find disgusting by nature, however, it becomes a lot harder to be impartial considering how abstract sexuality is in general.

The only way that someone would be interested in this game is if there was a part of it that appealed to them. I personally, can find some pretty disturbing material arousing if presented the right way. Some will not care at all about the story and could easily look past it despite the fact that the game still emphasizes it on its own. I have already given my reasons as to why I, and why likely most others will not find it sexy, but it is clear that Starless was not made with most people in mind. It is true that there are some observable good qualities to Starless.

The fact that you can choose between skipping through all text or limiting it to text you already read is convenient as well, even though these features are kind of visual novel standards. Every other game I have given a one out of ten rating was a piece of low budget indie shovelware that lasted less than an hour and had almost zero effort. Starlesshowever, clearly had effort, so I would consider it a better game than any of the aforementioned shovelware from a de standpoint.

I am not even saying this just for the purpose of bashing the game, this game is dangerous. The reason I am saying to stay away from Starless is out of legitimate concern for the well being of whoever plays it. Yes I also believe it is a bad game for the various other reasons that I mentioned, but the part about causing serious psychological harm is a bit more important.

Yes I do know that some people can enjoy this game, but there is no circumstance where I will feel I can actively recommend Starless. There is such a limited and microscopic pool of people that could enjoy this game, and almost everyone else will end up traumatized and scarred. The sheer fact that a game has a risk this large makes it impossible for me to recommend this to anyone in good conscience. I am unsure if I can ever truly express everything that disgusted me about this game, but I legitimately never want to think about this game again after I am done with this so I will try.

This review was far nicer on this game than my actually feelings are; I LOATHE this game, and I despise it far more than anything else I have played, even games that are objectively worse. The reason for this is because of games like Euphoria that use their obscene material for artistic purposes. Something like Starlesson the other hand, is a far better argument in favor of video game censorship than anything that Jack Thompson or any right wing zealot could EVER say. The truth is that, yes, Starless is just a work of fiction and it is just porn. My own feelings toward the game are merely a result of psychological trauma, similar to how someone will develop a phobia if they ever witness or are involved in an accident.

I have recently written a political article about the metoo hashtag in which rape survivors have spoken out about their rape, and I ended it with my own confession that I have been sexually harassed. However, I never mentioned what made me feel the most uncomfortable and the most violated. Starless was the game that made me realize that it is possible to be raped by an inanimate work of fiction.

I know that such a thing is impossible in a literal sense, and I am aware of the risk of it coming across as insulting to people who have experienced literal rape in real life. According to Rapecrisis. I will admit that it could very well be confirmation bias coming into play considering the broad interpretations of them, but I have felt every single one of these after playing Starlessand I still do feel some of them; although I admit I have plenty of other issues coming into play.

Starless nymphomaniacs paradise endings

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