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The first time I streak nude a live streaking event was on the Tuesday of my first finals week at the University of Notre Dame. I was an year-old freshman who had seen maybe four instances of full frontal male nudity in her entire life, and two of them had definitely been accidental. Still, we crowded the second floor of the Hesburgh library, eagerly awaiting the promised parade of Alumni Hall men trotting nude through the wide-open study space named after a priest.

We were giggling. We were whispering. I felt bad for them. It looked like it hurt. And he had. Not in the same way a runner accomplishes something in the traditional sense. Slightly less dignified but still impressive is the act of running away from something: a bear, a vice principal. The kind of event we lined up for all the way back in the early aughts. Yes, streaking—the kind people first think of when you talk about run streaksand the silly counterweight to the emotional heaviness of giving your all.

Just as an asthmatic pug is the same species as a greyhound, so too is streaking in the same species a Kipchoge marathon. Running through a public space fully or partially nude has a long history with motivations to match the era. Historians say Quakers—Quakers! Though his motivations were lost to time, he was suspended for a semester after being arrested for running nude through his college town in He would go on to become a doctor and, later, a congressman.

People love attention! But was the year that streaking went from a countercultural campus joke on The Man to full-on craze, like pet rocks or Slinkies. Streaking made the cover of Life magazine. A solo streaker even interrupted the Oscars, in an incident that some say was a pre-planned way for the award show to grab the zeitgeist, like a stadium security guard grabbing a nude interloper. Around streak nude time, streaks became more organized, involved more people, and transformed into spectacles.

Austin State University in Texas that college administrators made time and space deated for a nude run. The largest group streaking event on record occurred in March at the University of Georgia, when 1, people got naked and went for a jog. Streaking thrived through the s and evolved as we approached the Reagan era. This laid the foundation for the modern superstar streaker. The most successful is Mark Roberts of Liverpool, England, who has streaked more than events since he started with a Hong Kong rugby match in Roberts has become so notorious that streak nude around big sporting events in the U.

A naked guy! With left in the fourth quarter and the Warriors with a comfortable lead, Zdorovetskiy made his move, barreling out onto the court and ripping his shirt off, running a few strides before being tackled to the ground by a swarm of security. Streaking is very white and very male. And inJacqui Salmond ran onto the 18th green at St. Andrews, interrupting the British Open and ticking off Tiger Woods—who, in retrospect, might have been better served by minding his own morality.

Now, at Notre Dame, the much-gawked-at Bun Run of old has become a source of on-campus controversy and moral hand-wringing. Understandably so. Some people just want to study during finals! Princeton University had to axe its Nude Olympics in after seven students were hospitalized due to injuries obtained ostensibly while nude. Streaking embodies the streak nude of what runners love about running. Road and trail races require months of planning and bring strangers together to cheer for other strangers who have been training for months, if not years.

Strip all the dignity from running—the self-discipline, commitment, sportsmanship, order—and what do you get? A year-old sophomore in a foam cowboy hat who may have flunked his organic chem final that morning but, for a glorious few minutes, is greeted like a hero breaking the tape at Boston. Trail Running. United States. Type keyword s to search. By Erin Ryan. Streaker Tee. Left: Jacqui Salmond ran onto the 18th green at St.

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Streak nude

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