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Brooke says she quickly became obsessed with the phone and social media. While her parents Jim and Stephanie estimate she was teen sexting kik her phone for hours from the time she got home from school to the moment she went to bed, Brooke says it was even longer.

As she became exposed to more through the internet and her phone, her parents Stephanie and Jim said Brooke became teen sexting kik troubled, acting out at home. Though her parents tried to put an end to her excessive cell phone and social media usage, Brooke still found ways to access the internet. We took her phone.

She must have ransacked the house to find different things. I had like six s on Instagram. I had multiple Snapchats. I changed the usernames, the passwords. I would block [my parents]. We were just a means to provide her with food and shelter and money Brooke began drinking alcohol and using drugs. Her parents later discovered that the thenyear-old was also sexting with strange men that she said she found through social media and while using mainly the messaging app Kik.

When I did it and I got those compliments, I got that attention, and it just made me feel really good. Brooke was adopted as a baby and her parents say that led to attachment issues. She has also been diagnosed with ADHD. The officer informed them that Brooke and a friend were involved in a dangerous online relationship. I kept doing things that I knew didn't make me happy, but I just continued to do it because I had nothing else to do.

Jim and Stephanie had Brooke committed that night. The first thing the attendants took away from Brooke was her phone. Therapists there help Brooke with her self-esteem. One of her favorite parts of the program involves her childhood love of horses. Using body language with these sensitive animals may help Brooke learn how to better communicate with others and build relationships. Brooke has periodic visits home to gauge how she handles access to her cell phone and social media.

As a precaution, her parents keep some of their old devices in a drawer so that Brooke only has access to her phone when they give it to her. For Brooke, completing even a small task, like putting on makeup while ignoring her phone, is a victory. During the home visit, Brooke had an emotional meltdown.

It was tough for her to see what her friends were up to on social media without feeling like she was missing out. Still, Brooke feels that she has become less attached to her phone after being without it for weeks at a time. I need to be updated. I can be by myself and be okay and I'm reconnecting with a lot of things I love. LOG IN. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Hospital opens internet addiction treatment program. Guarding your kids against screen addiction during the holidays. Comments 0. Top Stories. What we know about the victims of the Surfside building collapse Jul 16, PM.

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Teen sexting kik

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