Telegram nude

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Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the world of technology today. AI has proven its calibre in a variety of fields -- whether its data analytics, medicine etc. Getty Images. And now, an AI bot on the messaging platform Telegram generated over one lakh nude images using a similar deepfake tech. This was first discovered by a security company dubbed Sensity. Security researchers from Sensity who specialise in deepfakes have discovered overimages of women that were generated and shared in the public Telegram channels, dating all the way back till July Users on this channel mostly originated from Russia amounting to 70 percent whereas some of them were even from European nations.

Experts warn that such images could be misused to blackmail or harass women. All one had to do was send a regular image of a female and the AI bot would use its magic to eliminate the clothing in the image, making as if the female posed nude for it. A report by Wired has hinted that the AI bot responsible for this could be based on the open-sourced version of Telegram nude software that uses deep learning and GANs or Generative Adversarial Networks to generate nude versions of the images of the clothed women.

The AI did a scary job of differentiating it from a fake, with the face being clearly visible. These images can be made for free by anyone with watermarks or partial nudity. The bot offers the ability to erase the watermark if the user is willing to pay as low as rubles to generate fake nudes for a seven day period.

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Telegram nude

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Deepfake Telegram Bot Has Generated , Nude Images Of Clothed Women