Trans erotic stories

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I am Maya. I am a 27 year old, Indian woman. After graduation, I started working in a bank. I had a boyfriend when I was in college but not anymore. I was happy with my job and life. It is not that I am not interested, but I actually never thought much about it. Roy was in his mid 40s and worked as storeman in a retail store.

He had been their 20years. Married and had kids, and seemed very happy. About a year ago a new girl started in the store well a transgender girl name off Katy. At first Roy was unsure about working with her, but … Continue reading Transgender workmate. The next day of Spring break I woke up to a quiet house in the late morning.

As I went to make my cup of coffee I found a note from my cousin explaining she and her friends went to the beach and that Dani was not feeling well and decided to stay over. It was a great start to spring break. I had just purchased and moved into my first house in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Before I could finish unpacking the last box I received a phone call from my younger cousin Amanda.

It was her first year of college in Florida. These stories involves a group of shemales trans erotic stories live on an island that exists in our world, but they chose to remain mostly isolated. Tony and his girlfriend Clare had become friends with another couple Richie a gay guy and Toni his transgender partner. Richie worked with Tony and had become firm friends. And had been out for meals in the past. But Clare was unsure about been invited to a party by transgender especially as Toni … Continue reading Transgender party.

After a few people came and went this great looking lady called. Trans erotic stories name was Sandra, about 5ft 4 tall slim body and nice pert tits. We seemed to get on well, so … Continue reading My transgender roommate. I always enjoy my sales trips. The trips fit into my crossdressing lifestyle and the thrill of being in a different town and different people. After a long day on the road, I had just checked into a motel just about miles outside of Nashville, TN. For my overnight trips, I always bring my special … Continue reading Motel Blackout.

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Trans erotic stories

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