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Facebook and Instagram like to be thought of as progressive. But when it comes to nudity policies, a campaign started by a trans woman is finding confusion and prejudice remain. N ipples. Female nipples, not so. The same is true online in social media circles. The social network Facebook and picture-sharing service Trans man nudewhich it owns, have a community-standards policy on nudity which permits male nipples but not female ones. She poses that question — D o I have boobs now? Demone hopes the experiment will both help challenge the western sexualisation of female bodies and highlight how social networks categorise trans and non-binary people.

The year-old, who works in de and marketing for a web app company, explained her thinking behind the campaign in an article in Mashable. And if so, how much? Andreja Pejica transgender model, was on its trans man nude, gloriously bare chested. On a flat chest. The FreeTheNipple campaign, started by actor and producer Lina Escohas resulted in topless marches and rallies in global cities, and a feature film. Legal in NYC but not on instagram pic.

Facebook and Instagram have not embraced FreeTheNipple. When searching for the hashtag, users are met with a notice informing them photographs under the hashtag have been removed for falling foul of their nudity policies. It also allows photographs of paintings, sculptures and other art that depicts nude figures.

Facebook was widely lauded in when it replaced a binary-gender choice of male or female with a drop-down list of multiple options and then by allowing users to input a custom gender of their own choosing in a free-form field. This article includes content provided by Instagram. We ask for your permission before anything is loaded, as they may be using cookies and other technologies. To view this content, click 'Allow and continue'.

Demone says that Facebook likes to present itself as a liberal and progressive organisation, but that most of its actions in this regard are decidedly low-risk. Demone says that allowing users to define their gender in a free-form field, and offering a choice of pronouns, is progressive, but it is decidedly lower risk rather than, say, trans man nude the paradigm that female nipples should be covered up.

They use the gender-neutral prefix Mx and are an assistant manager at a cinema as well as studying mixology. When will they tell us our bodies are shameful and not OK? What gives them the right to do so? This article includes content hosted on secure. We ask for your permission before anything is loaded, as the provider may be using cookies and other technologies. When I contact Facebook and Instagram about their policy on photographs of nudity and how this applies to trans and non-binary people, they tell me they will get back after consultation.

Then a few more hours. Then a day. Her pictures, and photographs of other trans women — who have self-identified as trans women and use the pronoun she, but who still present with flat chests — were not being censored.

Shortly after my conversations with Facebook and Instagram, Demone saw all the photographs on Instagram of her flat chested — but where she is presenting as female — deleted. So it looks like Instagram went back and deleted all the topless photos where I'm visibly feminine. However, after this, Demone contacts me to send across a screen grab. Demone says she will continue her campaign.

A surprisingly difficult question for Facebook: Do I have boobs now? Photograph: Becca Carroll. Hannah Jane Parkinson. Tue 3 Nov Allow Instagram content? Allow and continue. Allow content provided by a third party?

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Trans man nude

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