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Oct Posted by drmarkgriffiths. One of the least researched sexual fetishes is that of uniform fetishism. In the section on uniforms and sexual fantasy, the Visual Dictionary of Sex edited by Dr. Eric J Trimmer reported that the fetish world of dressing-up involves the following in rough rank order of popularity: cheerleader, waitress, nurse, maid, secretary, office worker, schoolgirl, fitness trainer, prison guard, postal worker, military, Cleopatra, ballerina, cab driver, and nun.

However, I know of no empirical research that confirms the claims made by Dr. Although there are a wide range of populist writings on sexuality and uniforms for instance, the book Leatherfolk by Thompson discussed the dress code of leather in sexualitythere are very few academic or clinical studies. Arguably the best academic paper on uniform fetishes was published back in in the journal Sexual and Marital Therapy by Dr.

Dinesh Bhugra and Dr. Padmal De Silva. Their paper looked at the function of uniforms, and their relationship with sexual fantasy and sexual fetishism. The authors also note that uniforms may denote expertise e. They claimed that:. Fetishism is a paraphilia which involves being recurrently responsive to, and obsessively dependent on, an unusual or unacceptable stimulus. Based on this definition, Bhugra and De Silva are adamant that uniform fetishes can and do exist.

However, the academic literature on uniforms as a fetish is sparse. Chalkley and G. Chalkley reviewing fetishists reported only two with a uniform fetish. However, as Bhugra and De Silva conclude:. Often in clinical situations it becomes impossible to ascertain when fantasy le to fetish in reality and how much of a role fantasy plays in arousal related to a fetish. Bhugra, D. Uniforms — fact, fashion, fantasy and fetish. Sexual and Marital Therapy, 11, Chalkley, A. Some cases of sexual fetishism at a London teaching hospital.

Unpublished M. The clinical description of forty-eight cases of sexual fetishism. British Journal of Psychiatry, — Good girls gone bad: The consumption of fetish fashion and the sexual empowerment of women. Advances in Consumer Research, 26, Uniform fetishism. Bookmark the permalink. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting uniform fetish your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook.

Notify me uniform fetish new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress. Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. The clothes of play: A look inside the world of uniform fetishism Oct Fashion — The wearing of a uniform to show belonging of a person to a more informal group e. Fun and frolic — The wearing of a uniform for fun and frolics e. Here, sexual uniform does not fulfil all the criteria for sexual fetishism.

Fetish — The wearing of a uniform as part of a sexual fetish where the uniform has to be worn as an aid to sexual uniform fetish. This may include for instance rubber, plastic and leather clothing. Trimmer, E.

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Uniform fetish

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