What is an anr relationship

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Research has shown, women who has never lactated or lactated for a short time are at a much higher risk of the above. See resources below Some may say that God truly blesses and rewords those who give themselves to there spouse. Some of which mentioned above but it can go much further. For most people, it brings a much stronger bond then just a love sex relationship. People in ANR enjoy the closeness and physical skin to skin contact.

A deeper state of intimacy then I can explain. Most say it has strengthened there marriage and brings a deeper or more meaningful connection with each other. Men feel a stronger sense of acceptance and being needed. ANR helps them to relax and find comfort after a stressful day. If a woman is not currently lactating. For some women, the work toward getting her to naturally lactate without having is often too large of a task.

But not impossible. For most it's just too what is an anr relationship work. They are good with dry nursing and the frequent time together. There are several benefits for non lactating women as well. For example you are not on a set schedule. Frequent stimulation has a lot of the same emotional and health benefits as lactating breasts. Understanding ANR and How to find love without match service traps.

Good article! ANR is a fascinating topic that deserves more discussion. But let me ask you something. Let's say that we are living in an alternate universe. And in this alternate universe the Bible does not mention anything about women's breasts at all. All references are gone. Would you still support the subject of ANR?

If you still would. People need to learn the truth about this topic. Every loving couple should be doing this. Yes I would. The bible is a point of acceptance. It shows people that ANR has been around and accepted for centuries. ANR is about two people coming together and expressing their love for each other in their own way. Biblical references aside, I would actually say you could justify ANR based on health benefits and science reasearch. True breast milk can indeed have positive health benefits to your partner. I've also read several trial case studies where breast milk saved one person suffereing from rare intestinal issues as well as treated family members for Cancer.

If breastmilk can do that what else can it do? There are some amazing properties of breastmilk that yet have been defined and I think the more ANR what is an anr relationship less taboo and heavily researched we may find more cures or really healthy people! This has to be a "couple" relationship? ANR can't just be random? But there are those who are into it for other reasons.

Such as health or emotional benefits. Same would goes for those singles who would like an ANR or not sure but like to try it before getting into a relationship with someone who may not want the same thing. We have never been closer and are seeing real healing in our marriage as a result of this intimate contact and time together. I believe every marriage partnership should include this beautiful act of bonding. Thank you. I wish more people could see how clearly it is written.

Sadly people tend to ignore the truth even when it is right there in front of them. I would like to find a husband to have an anr with. I think its a great bonding time that God gave us. Here is a link that may help those looking to find their true love or ANR. This may help you find what you are looking for. Christian Adult Nursing Relationships. Some people like to say the goal of ABR is to get and keep her milk flowing.

But in reality, there is no difference except how you want to word it. To learn more go to my YouTube channel. True ANR. Clean friendly youtube videos that can help you understand adult breastfeeding relationships. Christian links. Unknown March 8, at AM. Charles March 31, at PM. Anonymous May 23, at PM. Unknown January 6, at PM. Charles February 11, at AM. Anonymous January 19, at PM. Charles July 18, at PM.

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What is an anr relationship

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Inducing lactation for your partner (ANR)