Where can i go to get spanked

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A solid spanking device with a comfy handle. One of the best paddles I purchased. Has good weight and seems very sturdy. Provides a good sting with little effort. I am a self-spanker, and this works awesome for my needs. This paddle works as requested it warms up any butt bright Red.

I recommend to any father. It could possibly be used for s small rug but never tried it on one. Its best use is hoeevet for spanking either kids or adults. Love how light weight it is used for spanking myself and my kids, wife whatever needs done. Perfect - we also have their 18" version of the same paddle.

They both work great and exactly what they are intended for - and that isn't a cutting board or to serve cheese! The 12" version works very well in tight quarters and will definitely improve behavior. The 18" version is just like your teacher might have had in school and kept us all in line with.

Great job! Girlfriend loves it! Fits her butt perfectly!! Not sure. Very excited to spank the wife with this. Very happy, gives a good spank. This paddle will deliver a serious spanking and turn bottoms red very quickly. Naughty submissive men and women will know what a real spanking feels like and their bottom will definitely hurt a lot when their dominant partner spanks them with this paddle. Perfect where can i go to get spanked the the wife needs a spanking.

It's solid paddle and works well for spankings. Explore paddles for spanking. Quick look. BamPaddle Bamboo Spanking Paddle - Free day shipping within the U. Prices may vary for AK and HI. Five Stars. Reviewed on Mar 11, Great spanking paddle! Reviewed on Nov 5, Self spanking. Reviewed on Jul 14, Texas Paddle - 18" Unfinished Wooden Paddle. Reviewed on Jan 20, See what customers said about spanking 5 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase.

See full review. Can this be used as a rug beater? Answered on Jul 30, See full answer. The paddle works fine marks last only thirty minutes or so. Reviewed on Dec 6, Great compact spanking paddle! Reviewed on Feb 19, Great for a good spanking! Reviewed on Oct 13, Is this suitable for spanking a teenage boy. Answered on Nov 16, Reviewed on Mar 18, Great spank. Reviewed on Jul 13, Four Stars. Reviewed on Nov 17, Little paddle serious pain. Reviewed on Sep 8, Reviewed on Nov 28, Classic Fraternity Styling in a Compact Size.

Reviewed on Mar 21, Nice paddle! Reviewed on May 11, Will it break easily? Answered on Sep 15, Top Rated in Unfinished Wood. Customer review. Perfect Love love love. Excellent quality Dowels made of strait tough hardwood! These are serious quality! Well made from good hardwood. Straight consistent fine wood grain. Cut, sand, trim and gluethese dowels - they will not disappoint you! Exactly as described! Like really perfect! I see myself buying more of these as I make more farmhouse style beaded garlands!

Next. Related articles Read reviews and articles from knowledgeable sources. There are so many fun ways to use these rustic pieces. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas. You can use a wood burning tool to burn beautiful images or favorite sayings on them. They're also the perfect canvas for craft paint. You can turn one into a hanging ornament that'll look amazing any time of year, or combine several into a natural looking wreath for your door.

Where can i go to get spanked

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