Women looking to be bred

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By thefantasyeffectFebruary 19, in General Discussion. Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. I'm a very kinky person and I love fun! Figured I would post here to see if I could find someone. See my profile in world for more info. I have my own home in SL too. I'll honestly never understand how anyone makes childbirth sexy. I yelled a lot of things while in labour, but "come and get me, stallion" was definitely not one of them. The sexiest thing anyone did for me was give me morphine.

The past year I had an adult sim, and there were quite a few working girls who had all those breeding HUDs among many others and I wondered the same so I asked a few of them what their clients liked so much about the breeding stuff. Most common was the idea of them having unprotected intercourse and releasing inside their girl that fueled their fantasy.

Also, if the role play went on after being impregnated, a lot really find a pregnant shape belly very sexually attractive. And of course there's those who also have "milking" HUDs for boobie milk Now I don't know if these are the main drives in general, can only speak of those few girls I asked about it.

But it does make more sense than finding the actual child birth in any way sexy. Wow really???!?!! I guess I should have specified "woman" to avoid all this mass confusion I get what OP wants. It's not so much as breeding, I would think -- it's the thrill of the risk.

Something about realism, it's a part of dirty talk - amirite, thefantasyeffect? Someone else who gets it. Laoise, what would you like as your prize off the wall? We have a stuffed Minion doll or a squirt gun. Its definitly not the weirdest fetish out there And lets all see it from this perspective: At least no tentacles or giant insects are involved. It is not acceptable to them so it cannot be acceptable to anyone, gosh. Live in an overly protective box and think like them! Sure, may have that. Since it is a lower cost item I will also throw in the trick flower squirter.

You will love it but your friends may not! OP, I'm not sure you understood the point of my comment. To be fair, I didn't express it very well. Odd, huh? No, the word "breeding" is reserved for animals in usual language. Using it is clearly done with the intent of dehumanizing the mother to be, even the gay community use of the term "breeding" has a dehumanizing tone to it. Being 'bred' or used for 'breeding' is not dehumanizing or objectionable or abusive if both parties are agreeing to what is being done and enjoy it. It becomes a term of endearment to each person.

The idea behind the word is that the one is having unprotected sex and understands the risks that she may become pregnant by it. And that risk can be exciting to some women. And it can lead to perhaps a longer term relationship with the one who did it if both parties agree.

Two people thrown together out of circumstances because they were young and women looking to be bred or just foolish and didnt do what was needed to protect them selves. I know a few who do not take the word as any sort of insult to them or what was done to them but as a compliment on how well they women looking to be bred or what was being done.

That the act of being 'bred' was an act of care and love for the person and not some inhuman act of abuse or degredation or humilation. But both of them understand the risks and enjoy the sensations about it and watch each other closely. I know someone into heavy canning until they are bruised and bleeding at times. I think the op is really just looking for someone who is less fake and wants a more dedicated relationship, I could be wrong though. In sexual fetishes its not uncommon to use practices that are otherwise considered dehumanizing. Usage of whips, leashes, collars and slaves and such for example, and those are "accepted".

Not see much of a problem here as long as its by mutual consent, and in SL it always is. I have a collar and leash and cuffs and I am a pet to someone here in sl and in rl. I dont see it as dehumanizing or degrading at all. And to any that worry I have been brainwashed to think this way, nope.

Its by my own choice. My Master even knows I can and will leave him if he tries to abuse me. Its about trust. People should ever read my picks inworld and look for the one about the 'two collars' it explains why some people wear them. And yes everything in sl is by consent you cannot be forced to do anything in sl you dont want too even through rlv because you can just log out of it which is not cheating even if some try and claim it is.

So anyone that took the OP up on his offer would be doing so because they wanted too and consented too. So I'm not giving consent to anyone who wants to "breed" me. Much as I think my stellar genome would vastly improve the human race. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for days. Recommended Posts. Posted February 19, I'm a white, Daddy Dom seeking a partner or lover or friend who is super into being bred sexually. Link to post Share on other sites.

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Women looking to be bred

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