Women who love to be spanked

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I want to write about why so many women enjoy being spanked, and even find very deep fulfillment in it. Some would suggest the title is an exaggeration, because surely there are some women who do not love it, but I let the title stand because there are so many who do, and because it is rooted so deeply in their femininity and their calling as women. This is why you will find so much literature about marital discipline or spanking in general written by women, including some of the best blogs on the subject, women who love to be spanked insightful explanations of the practice.

Women love spanking, and it is deep in their beautiful women who love to be spanked. I was actually turned on to spanking by a girlfriend years ago, and when I lived my life as a player, had numerous women suggest very forceful things to do to them, including one that I rank as extreme and which I had little interest in. Some of the best advice on the subject of male leadership was given to me by women, either girlfriends or regular female friends including that a man should never let a woman get on top figuratively of course since she would want to stay there and control him.

He should always be in charge of his woman. From online forums, it appears that arguably the majority of the time, it is the woman who introduces spanking into the relationship, and not the man. Many are the women who feel frustrated by the lack of leadership from their man, and the lack of spanking. Even a weak or short spanking may leave them unfulfilled.

They need a good hard and long smacking of their bottom to get the job done. Why is this? Why would anyone, female or otherwise, desire another person to take their power away, put them in a vulnerable position — which many would define as simply humiliating — and inflict pain on their bottom. The pain is ongoing, and sometimes it is hard to bear. What would make someone desire, even long for, what sounds to most like it is degrading, and an awful experience all around.

You can find good material by both women and men about this online, but I want to touch on a few points here that I believe offers similar insight. Women love spanking for some of the same reasons anyone desires discipline, along with reasons unique to women, and even sometimes for reasons unique to her own life experience and history. They make her long for the discipline, the humbling, the being taken down a peg, the baring of her bodyand a justly inflicted spanking which hurts. Perhaps the most obvious reason women love spankings is because they can feel the power of their men. Just as the man shows his strength to them in the marriage bed, he shows his strength now.

Just as his desire and his mind should lead their relationship daily, it le her now in a very personal and powerful way. God gave women an inner leaning toward submission, and a deep capacity to submit in a heartfelt way. In spanking, this is fulfilled perhaps more immanently than anywhere else in her marriage or any other relationship. She yields by admitting her wrong. She yields by accepting a humbling.

She yields by receiving the spanking, and passively feeling the blows of her man. It is control and yielding in action. It is no surprise, that despite a little fear that goes along with it, the spanking is fulfilling to her womanhood, and erotically exciting. Women also enjoy spanking because of the peace that it brings after conflict.

Women who love to be spanked

Spanking puts an end to uproar or offense. It puts and end to coldness. If the air between husband and wife has been sour over her bad behavior, or refusal to submit to her husband, the air is cleared by her submission to just punishment. Peace has been made more quickly and easily than most people find it.

In some instances peace has been made where perhaps it would not have been made otherwise. Many are the couple who entered into domestic discipline for this very reason, and found in virtually turned around their marriage. A good bare-bottomed spanking can do what no long discussion, argument, counselor, or divorce lawyer can accomplish — it brings intimacy, love, harmony, and peace back to a marriage, faster than you can say — over my knee. Women love spanking for a reason nearly universal — accepting the punishment brings an end to real guilt.

A woman who has behaved badlywho has been rebellious to her husband, who has shirked her responsibilities knows there is real guilt for doing that. Guilt before her God, and guild in the domain of the home before her husband. A person who is truly repentant and knows they have done wrong will know that a punishment is just and deserved.

Women who love to be spanked

Accepting with our heart that the punishment is just is a part of repenting of our behavior. One might argue that couples could achieve the same effect with discipline that is not forceful in nature — such as removing privileges. However, spanking comes across as much more of a punishment than mild practices like that — both for the pain and the humbling of it — and is also more of a catharsis, of guilt and pent up emotion. David certainly is in heaven right now, but he did not reject that he deserved punishment for his deeds. He accepted it. So too, a wife accepting a spanking from her husband can realize she has both his forgiveness, and the just deserts of her crime.

What she did was wrong, she feels bad about it, but now it is over and forgotten. You will find that most couples that practice spanking will testify their upsets or offenses are over quickly. Once the wife has been spanked and restoredall is new and it is never mentioned again.

Women love spanking because of the ability it gives them. This could be a woman who knows she has problems with responsibility. It could be one who has problems with over-eating and having self-control at the table. It could be a woman who knows she has women who love to be spanked bad mouth on her, back-talks her husband, and wishes inside she could stop. Spanking holds her able. Spanking says — stop, that was wrong, it was very wrong, you know it, I am the man who is responsible for you and you have to stop. It gives a strong incentive to stay out of trouble —as long as it is severe enough — and often brings real practical fruit.

Many spanked wives would testify to bad habits they left behind through this kind of discipline, and many are the husband who would tell you of bad behaviors their wife left behind while over their knee regularly. For women who know they need to be held able, spanking is a great practical help. It puts the man in their life there to hold them able, and give them motivation suited to them as women. Women love spanking because it is powerfully erotic. This ties in to the first point I mentioned — that of power and submission — but it deserves to be spoken of alone. The element of nudity is there in a spanking, baring one of the most sexualized zones of a woman — her bottom and upper thighs.

They are bare for her man to see at his pleasure, often raised up in the air as if presented to him. The vulnerability and humbling are also erotic. Some suggest a woman being put over the knee is being treated likebut it is rather that she is being made vulnerable and ultimately powerless. This by itself is rooted in her sexuality, and submissiveness to her man.

Women who love to be spanked

She desires to be powerless to him, to be conquered, vanquished, made completely his, naked at the disposal of a glorious conqueror. The humbling, and child-like position of the spanking helps fulfill this. Many spankings also involve the closeness of bodies, especially if she is lying over his lap, or if he is using his hand to discipline her. If she has trouble bearing the spanking her may stroke her hair, or her face, and reassure her. She is completely his when she is being spanked just as she is completely his when she is being taken forcefully in the marriage bed, as her man expresses his powerful desire for her, holds her down, speaks into her ear.

In both arenas she has become his woman completely. Do not try to convince me or anyone else that a discussion accomplishes this. Or speaking with a counselor either. That would be totally absurd to even suggest. Often it amounts to playing footsy with the devil.

Such methods accomplish something different, but they can never accomplish what spanking does, be it in terms of establishing authority and submission, marital peace, or emotional and sexual closeness. His power is sexual to her. There is no more a way to remove the erotic element from spanking than there is to remove the power element from making love. They are both deeply intertwined in their own form of embrace. I will stop there. Some may desire it privately, and feel it is a forbidden thing. Other women are very openly submissive, and willing to speak of their need for their man taking control of them.

They know it is natural and legit. It fulfills her soul which was deed to be led. She is led, taught, made bettercorrected, and then fully restored to live in his love. The wife represents the chosen people of God. She is the bride of the Savior. Her chastisement is a part of her bring made holy. Despite the brief anxiety or pain, it finally refines her.

It restores her. The woman who desires this desires a good thing. Dear Sir I am women who love to be spanked if you have any thoughts or advice on women self-spanking if they have behaved badly? I am a lady who has spanked myself for when I feel guilty for various things. I am not married and I am sure there are single women out there who believe they need physical discipline too but do not yet have anyone to administer it. Also if you have any thoughts or advice on how women who masturbate or watch pornography should be disciplined for these bad habits.

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Women who love to be spanked

Hello NG, Thank you for your question. I have not given self-spanking a lot of thought. I can understand why some people find it desirable, especially if they have no one to spank them, or if their husband is away for a length of time. A person who feels they need discipline in their life, has various options to control their behavior.

Often fasting can help us to have ourselves under control, and not be ruled by our desires.

Women who love to be spanked

I recommend fasting both for spiritual purposes, and simple practical ones. There is also good use for penance for wrongdoings, such as going out and doing good works to show you have a changed heart from your bad ones. Self-punishment, either for punishing infractions or for learning self-discipline, has an old tradition as well. I cannot comment much on it, but if you find self-spanking helps you, then I see no problem with it. It should simply achieve the desired goals of discipline, such as helping you stay away from the behavior, justly punish the infraction, and cleanse you of guilt.

For punishment, I usually give spankings, but I also have given non-spanking discipline before, such as writing lines and corner time. I find spanking the most effective. Masturbation is not usually a temptation for married couples who share affection frequently. It is much more of a temptation for those who are single, especially men, who have a more compulsive sexual desire. Some people recommend a good cold shower to get rid of temptations of lust, but I have not personally tried it.

It is good to simply stay away from situations or places that usually lead you into this temptation, and also fill up your time and attention with good things instead. If you feel the need to self-punish for it, then that could help as well. You have surprising insight into the feminine mind. As a woman, I wholeheartedly agree that most of us secretly long for a firm hand in our relationships with men. We become our most feminine and most beautiful selves when we reveal our soft vulnerability to a man who is strong enough to protect women who love to be spanked, but also mold us and shape us to his will.

We long to be led in marriage by a strong man and, when necessary, to be disciplined by his strong hands. She is taught, through brute force, that she will find her greatest pleasure in submission to her husband. Sadly, this is not culturally acceptable, and it can be quite difficult for a woman who wants to be disciplined, as you so eloquently described, to find a suitable partner. Thank you for your courage and strength in posting your story. Like your wife, I hope to soon find a Christian man who can provide the stern discipline I deeply desire.

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Women who love to be spanked

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Do Women Like To Be Spanked?