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Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Seven Years. Disclaimer: I do not own The Legend of Zelda game series, nor any of the characters from them. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Chapter List 1-Seven Years 1. Oooh my gosh. I can't believe I'm posting this up. Okay, let me breath first. I'm still embarrassed. Har har. I'm pretty sure everyone has played this, or almost everyone. I kinda used a lot of terms from there, so its best if you know what is going on.

And because its in SSBM universe, that means there will be a battle scene. Oh yes, thanks much to my Hasuko nee-chan for beta-reading it for me so my first lemon wouldn't look as pathetic! Underage kid sex with an adult! Who are the same people! If this disturbs you, please leave. I will not be held responsible for any brains that explode in the process of reading this.

Thank you. Also, this is a PWP story. So, it's mindless Link sexing up Young Link. P Let the story roll! Young Link gently hopped off the podium and landed safely on the center stage of Termina's Great Bay. Well, it wasn't the actual Great Bay but a young link naked accurate simulation of the place.

Still, Young Link took a deep breath of the sea air and couldn't help feeling a bit nostalgic. He spotted the sinister looking moon looming in the sky above him, but that was the least of his worries. On the other side of the stage, Link, clad in his blue Zora tunic for reasons not mentionedlanded from his own podium to the back of the giant island turtle. He reached behind him to grab the hilt of the legendary Master Sword, unsheathing it from its blue and golden resting place and preparing for the battle.

With the Hylian shield in his other hand, Link leapt off the turtle and charged towards his opponent. Metal blades clashed against each other, Young link naked Link blocking the Jump Attack that his older self had performed.

The boy quickly rolled to the side and slashed his Kokiri Sword repeatedly. The slashes turned into light jabs, hitting Link several times before he could evade. Link pulled out a bomb from somewhere in his tunic and chucked it at the child, who in return had stopped his violent jabbing and threw out his boomerang.

The two projectiles met; the bomb exploded, the boomerang returned, but neither players were harmed. Rolling off the main stage, Link jumped to the hazardous platform on the far left that bobbed in the water. A capsule had poofed up, ready for grabs. He had it in his hands when a fire arrow had landed, nearly missing his foot. Link turned to see that Young Link had also jumped to a lower platform but directly across from his own.

The kid was preparing another arrow but it was intercepted by the capsule that Link had hurled. The capsule popped into a Star Rod on contact and landed into the waters of the Great Bay. Growling, the boy prepared a third arrow and released. The fire arrow had hit its sport but the Hylian Shield had reduced its impact to nothing.

Link revealed the cheeky grin he had been hiding behind his shield, surprising his younger counterpart but at the same time angering him. Cheeks now flushed, the boy revealed his boomerang again and threw it at his target. Young Link laugh triumphantly when the Hylian Shield did not protect the teen from the angular projectile. Deciding that far distance fights were boring, the young Hylian hopped to the main platform and grabbed a Super Scope that had conveniently poofed up. He charged it up and released when Link had jumped from his platform.

Link scowled, he was not going to let the brat better him. The kid was making his way to the end of the turtle where a Heart Container appeared. Of course, Young Link didn't need it, he just didn't want his older self to get it. The hero in blue was just about to go over and put some hurt on the kid when a PokeBall landed behind him.

Thinking quick, he seized it and threw the ball like a professional Pokemon Trainer. A bright flash followed and the kid was out like a light. Link brushed his hair to the side as the sleeping young link naked sunk into the waters with the island turtle. The kid was vexed now.

He jumped off the glowing podium and immediately thrust his sword downward. Link was dealt more damage from the Finishing Blow and impulsively struck back. Unfortunately, Young Link was still glowing a bit and was temporarily invincible. The adolescent hero pulled out his HookShot to grab his opponent even though he was standing a few inches away from him bopping him on the head with the sword's hilt a few times before he threw him to the right and shot a fire arrow just for good measure. Link was sent hurtling towards the Great Bay's watery depth, until the island turtle decided to rise again.

Young Link rolled his eyes exasperatedly. He'll have to get rid of the turtle when he was done with his current opponent. Link quickly recovered from the attack. A party ball laid to his side and was quickly thrown in hopes of some recovery food. Bum buh-dah bah! The party ball's confetti dropped out along with several black Bob-bombs. Link jumped to the side to avoid getting blown away. He was picking one up to give to the kid as a present when he heard a whistle.

Young link naked

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